Monday, September 22, 2008

Jama to the DR. and Chloe falls out of her bed!

Well I spent two hours in the Dr. office this evening with Jama and Chloe has falling out of her bed two nights in a row! And she doesn't wake up we just hear a load THUMP, and Bill and I say oh Chloe fell out of her bed again!!

Jama has a double ear infection, the Dr's are so slow and busy we waited TWO hours to be seen. But I did a good deal at CVS when we went to get her prescription. Last week I got a postcard from CVS with a coupon for a $25. gift card when you fill a prescription, so I cut it out and put it in my wallet. Well tonight when the Dr gave me the prescription he told me Wal-mart has this prescription for $4. I said well I'm not going there I will just go to CVS its closer ( well you know why I wanted to go to CVS Shh!) So the DR. said well you can tell cvs that wal-mart has it for $4. and they will match it, I said really, ok well I will try it. So I got to CVS and gave the lady my prescription and said I have this coupon also for a gift card and she said ok, and then I said also wal-mart will fill the prescription for $4. can you match it. She said OK. I don't know if she talks or if she just says OK. So when I checked out I got my prescription for $4. and a $25.00 gift card. So of course I was at CVS so I did a deal and spent nothing oop (out of pocket) and got $13
back in ECB pretty good deal. But poor Jama has an ear infection, but I will not be paying anything out of oop for awhile, that $25. will last awhile at CVS. So thanks CVS for my gift card, please send me more coupons!!

Have a great evening everyone!

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Sarah said...

We'll be praying for Jama. That doesn't feel good when your ears hurt! =( Also, Austin ALWAYS falls out of bed, and keeps on sleepin. I used to get a little scared when Deven wasn't home from work yet and I'd hear a LOUD thump. Now I know it just Aus fallin out of bed. Ever pick him up? He's a heavy little dude! Especially when he's "dead weight" and sleepin.

Good Job on your deal. Jama should get somethin special out of that! ;)

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