Thursday, January 22, 2009

Happy Birthday Jama

Today is Jama's Birthday she will turn 6 at 11:32 I believe. All I remember is sitting in the hospital all day until 9:00 pm when the DR finally came in and broke my water. I kept telling her all day just to brake my water and I would have her very fast. Well I was right, she was born 2 1/2 hours later! She thought she would go and sleep a few hours she didn't make it home, and the nurse called her and said you better get back here and FAST. She did make it back, I guess we know our bodies better than the DR sometime!!! Anyways here a few pics of Cutie Pie or as Bill calls her Gidget!!!
Well I couldn't find any baby pics on my computer but here are some to enjoy!

Monday, January 19, 2009

I'm Back!!

Where have I been, that is a good question! Well after Christmas and the the New Year, very busy but relaxing and had a great Christmas and great New Year. We went to some friends house and played Rock Band on their wii. A very fun game! Of course we did play other games and had a good time fellowshiping and eating of course! After the new year we became extremely busy with work, Bill & I headed to Atlanta for a week, and poor grandma & pa kept the kids! Had good show and good time. Then I went to Chicago and now I am home for now! Trying to get everything back in order!

I haven't done any shopping for 3 weeks, so I am ready to get some good deals again! I made a trip to CVS yesterday, and got a really good deal. I got
3 gal of milk
4 -12 packs of pop
2 packs of gum
3 skippy peanut butter
some nasal spray!
I only paid $1.xx for all of that and got $20. in ECB

I thought that was a pretty good trip, considering it was not planned to well. I got there and scanned my card and got a 10/50 coupon. SO I had to get the 50 dollar total, which is why I threw in the gum! Sorry no pic today!

Well hope you have a great evening!
Sorry it took so long to take down the Christmas Countdown, I seriously thought about leaving it there, but that thought quickly past! So now GO STEELERS!! I'm not a big football fan but if my Father-In law reads this he will like it GO STEELERS!!!!

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