Monday, September 15, 2008

Hamburger Helper

Well dig out your Hamburger helper coupons and head to Millers

On the way home from Bible study, Mom said that Millers had their Hamb. Helper on sale for .50 a box. I immediately said well lets stop, I have COUPONS!!! So I went in and sure enough it was on sale for .50 limit of 3. Perfect, I have a coupon for .80 off of 3 boxes. So my total was a whopping $.70 I think I can budget that in this week.

So now I have dug out my coupons I have 5 more coupons so I will be getting 15 more boxes this week. So hurry and get your share too.

Bill said people might think my pantry is the food and clothes basket! Oh well, it is nice to get a good deal, since the gas stations are price gouging right now well that is another whole blog!

Have a good evening!


Bill Sines said...

Sign me up for 74 boxes.

Bill Sines said...

Anyone have any meat coupons, preferrably hamburger meat?

Bill Sines said...

Had some of that hh tonight. Sooooo yummy.......btw, did I tell you I cooked?

Megan said...

Who is this Bill guy...He certainly isn't making fun of couponers????nah he's smarter that that or at least I thought!!!!!!

Great find...leave some for me, if I ever get to town. Can you only do 3 at a time??

nanaof11 said...

I made a box of Hamburger helper for Lowell and it should last all week. So I have enough coupons to get 12 boxes so he should be good for 12 weeks cool easy and cheep.
3 boxes at a time but you could send each kid in to buy them....

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