Friday, September 19, 2008

28 Boxes of Granola Bars

Yesterday I looked in the pantry, and what did I see? Twenty-eight boxes of granola bars. I couldn't believe it! My wife's coupon hobby has really taken off. I eat name brand stuff all the time now. Honestly, at this rate, we'll never, ever be able to eat all the food she brings home. She brings in more each week than we eat.

Anyway, here's my story on my first deal trip.

We went to Angola to Scott's (Kroger's). They had 4 packes of tp (toilet paper) on sale, and we had coupons too (I'm told this is how you get the have to coupon on sale items, otherwise, you should just keep them for a rainy day. You should also try to combine manufacturer's coupons with store coupons. Brooke, you trained me well.). So between Brooke and me, we spent $.14 on 16 rolls of tp. If you're any good at math, that's less than $.01 per roll. And with all the granola bars we eat now, our tp usage is up 43%. Seriously. I have the spreadsheet and I can email it to you if you want.

All in all, my experience was incredibly amazing. I couldn't have asked for a more fulfilling evening.

Bring on the coupons!

Guest Blogger,
Bill Sines


Megan said...

I've had to start a new place to store toilet paper. We probably have enough to last... well lets just say a long time!!

Glad your first experience was a good one.

There are more 50cents coupons for cottonelle coming this weekend. yay more free tp.

As for the usage you mentioned... TOO MUCH INFO!!

Brooke maybe you need to preview your guests posts a little closer...

Sarah said...

OK- I am going to need that spreadsheet on the granola bar to tp ratio. It would be ver useful to figure how much we will be using in the future. If you have any other spreadsheets of the same, we could use those also. Like buddy soap to laundry soap ratio or the pasta to dish soap/ dishwasher detergent ratio...

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