Thursday, September 18, 2008

Grocery Shopping today

Well, I think I had a pretty good week I only spent $42.00 today on my weekly shopping trip to Meijer, Krogers and Wal-greens!

I thought I did real well at Krogers the checkout lady even complimented me on how well I did on planning my deal out. Here is a pic from Krogers, My original total was $24.xx and then I handed the checkout lady my coupons and then she said "well that will be $3.xx, that was a really good deal and planning!" I smiled and said thanks, what else do I say!

So here is the picture~
I only used 1 coupon from the internet the rest were from the Sunday's papers I get!
There is 12 cans of soup - 2 boxes of cereal- 2 chex mix - 1 cheerios snack mix- 6 boxes of granola bars(variety)

I think I might do up another deal to go this weekend, this is quite fun! Thanks Megan for showing me coupons. Sorry, I laughed at you! I really did, I never thought couponing would save me this much money and I never thought it would be fun! I may spend time getting my coupons ready, but what I get makes it all worth it.

Sorry, I ran out of time on taking the other pictures. I had to make time for this pic!

Stay tuned I will be having a GUEST blogger tomorrow night, for some great laughs!

I will leave you with one more thing for tonight! A couple of nights ago Chloe (who is 3 1/2 yrs old) she did the "This little Piggy" (you know on your toes) well this is how it went for her on my toes. (Seriously, I did not help her or did I ever do this to her she was on her own)

This little piggy went to the market

This little piggy went to Nana's

This little piggy stayed home and clipped coupons

Bill and I laughed so much that she never got to finish "This little Piggy" So I am not sure this means she watches me very close or if I coupon alot. Well, ok maybe it is both! Anyways don't kids say the funniest things!

This is Chloe (my Baby)! Does she look ornery!


Bill Sines said...

I'm so hungry for hamburger helper with a side of tomato soup.

For dessert....granola bars. If I eat one BOX EVERY DAY, I will finish them by mid-October. Seriously.

Megan said...

ROTFLOL!!!!!!I love Chloe's Piggy song. When I come out of a store Chi always asks me "How much did that cost you mom" His poor wife someday is going to have such a small grocery budget!!

Well we have quite a supply of granola bars and tomato soup too!! They will come in handy on our 2 week trip.

I'm glad you're not laughing at me anymore!!!!!It is amazing tho how much you do save. There are still many who laugh at us couponers! They can go ahead and laugh as they walk out of Walmart with their $220. receipt!yuk

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