Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Bill beard or not!

Well the other day I told Bill maybe he should grow a beard... so he did. Now I'm not sure I like it and ... well guess what he likes it now. So what do you think, beard or no beard.

Now this is a side view pic, I took it tonight with my cell phone on the way home from Basketball.

For those that don't know Bill he can't ever do a serious face it always has to be a goofy one!

So anyways Ali and Jama both started basketball camp tonight. It is on Tuesdays for an hour. It is quite funny to see 60 little girls ages from k-2nd and a couple of coaches trying to tell them what to do. They all did pretty good, and were a little sweaty, well I think the coaches were sweating more than the kids! :)

I posted a poll on the side of the blog so be sure to vote for the beard!


Sarah said...

Deven says if Bill keeps his beard, he resembles an amishmen... and he will now refer to him as "William".

Bill Sines said...

That's William S.......

S for Schwartzentruber.

Sarah said...

OK- Bill we have a picture of you on our blog, with a beard... we are saying if you look THAT GOOD, go for it! Check it out!

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