Sunday, June 28, 2009

Menu Plan Monday

Well this is my first week doing Menu Plan Monday! Lets see how I do!

Cereal w/bananas
Eggs and toast
(my family loves cereal so we eat that most mornings, and usually eggs once a week)

Leftovers (a great way to save us money is to eat our leftovers so we don't throw anything away)
PB & J, cottage cheese & crackers
Mac & Cheese w/fruit

Monday- Pancakes & Sausage (meeting at 5:30 meal has to be quick!)
Tuesday- Pasta, Garlic bread & Salad (another quick one I work & have a meeting at 6)
Wednesday- My Birthday (Hoping Hubby cooks...or out we will see!)
Thursday- Chicken, Hashbrowns, Bread (all done on the grill) Corn, Watermelon
Friday- Pizza on the grill (my mom has a new recipie that she is making pizza on the grill I will let you know how we like it!)
Saturday- Hamb & Hot dog- then off to fireworks Happy 4th of July!
Sunday- Carry in at Church- Will be making Cornflake Potatoes

There is our menu for the week, it will be another busy week, I always wonder where the days go!
Have a great week!

Friday, June 26, 2009

My First Giveaway!!- Ended on July 3rd

I am so excited to be doing my first giveaway!! I am giving away One Engraved Sign from Engravers of Light, check out their website here.

A little background on the company, well it is owned by my Husband and my Dad. We started the business about 5 years ago. The Lord has blessed the business so much that 2 years ago my Husband quit his teaching job and came on full time. We feel so blessed. So we would like to bless someone with a great sign for your house!!

All of our signs are engraved not painted on. The lettering is the natural color of the wood. Except for the cream signs those get stained and the lettering is darker then.

We will be giving away one 3 Foot Sign with your choice of saying and color. We have 54 different sayings in the 3 foot sign and 6 different colors (black, burg, cream, green, blue and brown). Click here to see the 3 foot sayings and colors.

3 Ways to Win:
1. Go here and tell me what phrase and color you would choose.
2. Follow my blog or let me know that you do follow me already!
3. Blog about this giveway and let me know you did!

So you have 3 chance to win!
I will choose a winner on Friday, June 3, 8 PM est using
EDIT: I MEAN JULY 3 thanks to Elaina for pointing this out to me! Summer is just flying by!!
Open to US entries only!
Good Luck!


Well I made a quick trip to CVS..and have no pic Sorry! I was in a hurry so I could enjoy the outside with the kids!
Here is what I got
1- Case of water
2-Therma care neck wraps

I got all this for $1.95 and got $6.98 back in ECB!! Love CVS did you get any good deals at CVS this week?


The girls had a blast playing softball this summer. Their last game was on Wed. they lost the first game of the tourney...but they had a blast. Oh did I mention that Wed. was the hottest day yet of the summer. Bill & I were sweating just sitting there watching! The girls were very hot.

Here is a group pic of the team:

All the girls did great, they all learned so much!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Things I love Thursdays!

I love finding a good deal at a Garage Sale. I went to a sub-division garage sale last friday in the pouring rain...and this is what I got:

Well not the little girl! The bathing suit...I got it for $1.00 it looks brand new, and I think she looks so cute in it. Also I love the flowers in the pot! I love my flowers also!

Check out Sarah here for more Things I love Thursdays!

Monday, June 22, 2009


Mommysnacks is doing a giveaway on a Ultra Flip HD Camcorder!
You have to watch a short vlog..and then sign up for the giveaway! It ends Sunday so hurry over there!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Weekend Fun!

Where was I last week...well we were at VBS every night of the week! We always have a blast but can be very tiring! Here is a group pic of the kids at VBS

We have had a fun/busy weekend! Well to start my weekend off Friday night, I started the laundry and went and sat down...about 10 min passed and I thought OH NO...where is my cell guessed it in the washer clear full of water. I was not happy...I have tried everything and to my dismay I am afraid I will be going back to my old phone till I can get another free one through my cell phone plan which is not till March. I am glad I still have my old phone to use!

So on Saturday we headed off to the South Bend Potawatomi Zoo, the girls and us had a lot of fun. I would recommend this Zoo, it is small but very nice we walked the whole zoo and stopped for a snack and it took about 3 hours perfect for our family!

We had lunch at home, a great way to save money is not to buy the over priced food and drinks at the is crazy how expensive the food and drinks can be at the zoo. Also I packed us snacks and drinks cause I know the kids will want a snack!

Ali and Jama eating there snack cause sure enough 10 min. after we got there Jama asked for snacks!

The Tiger was looking right youngest was a little scared at first, till she understood the Tiger can't come out and then she was fine!

The kids loved the big horns on these bulls...they were huge...can you imagine how heavy those would be!

Then we were off to some friends house for a cookout and swimming!
The kids swimming!

What a great way to spend the day with the family! And today we had a cookout at my brother's house! And then we went fishing and went for Ice Cream! How did you spend your Fathers Day Weekend? Happy Father's Day!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Girls playing softball!

I love summer! Here are a few pics of the girls playing softball this week

Jama was playing catcher..she liked it but didn't realize how hard it would be she had to get the ball anytime the batter didn't hit the ball. She didn't know why others couldn't help her. Uhh Jama that is what a catcher does catch the ball every time! I don't think she will ask to be catcher again! She does look pretty cute in this outfit though!

And here is Ali playing 3rd base. She did get a girl out on third, GO ALI!

We love watching them play, brings back lots of meomories of me playing as a kid!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Rainy Day & Things I love Thursday!

First time here for Things I love Thursday! It's a rainy day today so here is what the girls and I did! We love to build houses and play with the Barbie dolls and cabbage patch kids! They had a blast and so did I!

I even washed and combed the Barbies Hair and some of them got haircuts! Don't worry barbie I am a liscened Beautician! Here's me washing their hair

Head over here for more Things I love Thursday!

Hopefully it stops raining, tomorrow we are headed out to the park for lunch with some other ladies and their kids!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Shopping Trip

I did my weekly shopping today! I was quite pleased with all that I got! I only went to Meijers this week,and they had all the sale items in stock! So I got the following all for $39.06! The watermelon itself was $4.99 ouch, I know, I thought it was 2/5.00 so I asked the lady and she said it was on the small I got anyways I love watermelon! Total of 43 items for $39.06 that is .91 per item!

Sorry the pics aren't that great, I was in a hurry to get them away, so I could make supper, and get to the girls ballgame. Oh and supper....well I started it went and checked Facebook :) came back and lo and behold I did not turn on the stove! I guess I should focus on cooking instead of Facebook! So supper took longer than I thought it would but we made it in time to the ball game! I will post pics of the girls at there game tomorrow.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Coupon Clippers Class

Hello! I have been doing a class at our church called the Coupon Clippers! I really hope that I am making sense to the ladies. I am really having fun showing them how to save money with coupons! Anyways if any of you 10 ladies are reading this, hang in there! It will get easier, as the weeks go on, and soon you will be addicted to couponing, like me! It really is quite fun to go grocery shopping! So have fun this week shopping! Let me know if you have any questions!

Here and Here is a link to some weekly match ups for different stores!

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