Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I need your feedback!

Can you have too many of these Johnson Buddies Soap?

Now I am talking about the little soaps in the box. My kids absolety love these, and so do I. When I went to Mexico , on a missions trip, I took one with me it was great. I didn't have to take a sponge and body wash soap. So my question is can I have too many of these. Let me know how many you have and I will tell you how many I have tomorrow night! Lets see who has more! Come on Sarah and Megan count them up! And everyone else tell me what you think too many or not!?


Megan said...

Oh geesh I'm glad you made me check...I'm down to only 27 and one of thos is being used.

Luckly I have a cat. for another 3 free so that will put me back up to around 30.

My vote is you definatly can't have to many...they're great and all of them have been free!!

Sarah said...

Oh geez... I know I don't have as many as you. Although Deven thinks he will have to eat them... I only have 13. But I have Qs for 6 more... I think I lost that one.

Megan said...

come on how many you got???

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