Sunday, June 21, 2009

Weekend Fun!

Where was I last week...well we were at VBS every night of the week! We always have a blast but can be very tiring! Here is a group pic of the kids at VBS

We have had a fun/busy weekend! Well to start my weekend off Friday night, I started the laundry and went and sat down...about 10 min passed and I thought OH NO...where is my cell guessed it in the washer clear full of water. I was not happy...I have tried everything and to my dismay I am afraid I will be going back to my old phone till I can get another free one through my cell phone plan which is not till March. I am glad I still have my old phone to use!

So on Saturday we headed off to the South Bend Potawatomi Zoo, the girls and us had a lot of fun. I would recommend this Zoo, it is small but very nice we walked the whole zoo and stopped for a snack and it took about 3 hours perfect for our family!

We had lunch at home, a great way to save money is not to buy the over priced food and drinks at the is crazy how expensive the food and drinks can be at the zoo. Also I packed us snacks and drinks cause I know the kids will want a snack!

Ali and Jama eating there snack cause sure enough 10 min. after we got there Jama asked for snacks!

The Tiger was looking right youngest was a little scared at first, till she understood the Tiger can't come out and then she was fine!

The kids loved the big horns on these bulls...they were huge...can you imagine how heavy those would be!

Then we were off to some friends house for a cookout and swimming!
The kids swimming!

What a great way to spend the day with the family! And today we had a cookout at my brother's house! And then we went fishing and went for Ice Cream! How did you spend your Fathers Day Weekend? Happy Father's Day!

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