Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Shopping Trip

I did my weekly shopping today! I was quite pleased with all that I got! I only went to Meijers this week,and they had all the sale items in stock! So I got the following all for $39.06! The watermelon itself was $4.99 ouch, I know, I thought it was 2/5.00 so I asked the lady and she said it was on the small I got anyways I love watermelon! Total of 43 items for $39.06 that is .91 per item!

Sorry the pics aren't that great, I was in a hurry to get them away, so I could make supper, and get to the girls ballgame. Oh and supper....well I started it went and checked Facebook :) came back and lo and behold I did not turn on the stove! I guess I should focus on cooking instead of Facebook! So supper took longer than I thought it would but we made it in time to the ball game! I will post pics of the girls at there game tomorrow.

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Kelsey said...

excellent! i fared well at meijer too, although all the kettle corn was gone. my first thought was, "brooke must've bought it all for 10 cents!" haha. :) also you inspired me to update my blog!

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