Sunday, October 5, 2008

CVS Trip

Well, today on the way home from getting my girls some new clothes ( they desperatly needed them, they were wearing high water pants) we stopped by a CVS. I just ran in and got the following:
1-Blood Gloucuse monitior- 14.99
1-Milk- 2.99

Total 17.98
Used the following coupons
Free Monitor -14.99

OOP- .84
Got back $10.00 ECB
Pretty good deal, so I went out to the car and told my husband to run in and get the same on his CVS card. So he got the following:
1-Blood Gloucuse monitior- 14.99
2-Milk- 2.99x2=5.98

Total 21.97
Used the following coupons
Free Monitior-14.99
ECB used- 5.97

OOP- 0.00 Yes that is right ZERO dollars, I am not sure how that happened because he should of spent at least .80, I couldn't figure out the receipt!
Plus he got back 11.50 in ECB, 10. for monitor and 1.50 for quarterly spending!

He was quite excited as he came walking out of CVS, he wanted to do another transaction! But I didn't have any worked up. So today we got our weekly milk, 3 gallons for .84 that is pretty good!

To learn more about how to use coupons and Extra Care Bucks at CVS check out Money Saving Mom or I Heart CVS

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