Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Bus #6

Well last Thursday Jama got to stay all day, well school let out at 12:30 so she got to eat lunch at school.(Normally she only goes half day and gets out at Noon) So anyways this is the first time she got out of school at the same time as the rest of the kids. So I come to pick up the girls (which I do everyday, my kids do not ride the bus, never have, I have no idea what bus # they would ride if they did.) So Ali and Jama get in the car and Jama tells me she got on Bus #6, I said "WHAT", she said "you didn't tell me if I should ride the bus or not, so I decided to ride Bus #6 home" "the bus driver asked who my parents were and he knew you" This is about all I know, oh and Her teacher (who I saw running across the yard) went to get Jama off the bus. I have no idea what she was thinking, luckily the bus driver was paying attention and noticed that this little girl did not belong on that bus.

I asked Jama what she was thinking, and she thought that any bus would take her home. So we explained to her how buses work, so hopefully the next time she won't get on Bus #6!
I called Bill (my husband) and said only Jama, she is a very cute little girl, but sometimes she can be spacey and say some of the funniest things we have ever heard. We got a big laugh out of, so when you see Jama next be sure to ask her about her almost trip on Bus #6!!! We love you Jama you are too cute!

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Sarah said...

Her and Austin are so much alike... Goofy Kids anyways!

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