Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Lazy Sundays...gotta love them!

This past Sunday after Church we had nothing going! Not normal for us...we did nothing but went to Church! We played football, sat around and talked, blogged :), Facebooked with old friends (always fun to catch up with them).

Our youngest can not ride a bike yet, but has a Barbie Jeep which has been out of commission since last summer. We can not find a battery for the jeep someone told us it has a recall on the battery and so they don't have one to fit in it right now. Well Sunday Chloe asked her Dad to get it going, I said Chloe we have no battery, she says "Daddy fix". A little while later in comes Chloe to me "Daddy fix for real" So I went outside to find this: Chloe is in the Barbie Jeep and Jama is standing there wishing she could get in the Jeep also! To cute!

My husband used a battery from his fishing boat to get her Barbie Jeep going! See that big black thing next to her on the floor...yep that is the battery! She was so excited about her jeep working! Thanks honey, for making her happy!

So what do you do on your Lazy Sundays! Would love to hear what you do....

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