Tuesday, May 12, 2009

In the Mailbox!!

Normally I don't like getting the mail, the only thing in there is JUNK mail or BILLS. Well yesterday I got a free sample of diapers from CVS, thanks but I have no kids in diapers. Well today I got this in my mailbox from CVS:

It's a Titanum Razor and along with it was a $3.00 coupon for another one. I was wondering has anyone else been getting these freebies? My husband said "they must be watching what you buy, and thought you needed another razor"! I really don't need the razor but hey it's free I will take it!


Megan said...

Well where's mine????

CVS doesn't like me, whaaaa!!!!!

Sarah said...

We got one in Deven's name. Yeah, cuz we need more razors... =)

Kelsey said...

that is a bummer!! but it's ok, we're not in dire need of anything :) i am excited for your class, i'm trying to read up on it and it seems like a foreign language! BUT...I'm very excited to learn, because you're right, I will have the time :)

PS. In my college business courses they talked about that kind of marketing that stores are doing....they DO keep track of what you buy and try to keep you coming back for more! I feel good now that I've used my college degree, haha :)

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