Saturday, March 28, 2009

Things I like but not in March!!

Well, if you haven't heard they are calling for TWO inches of snow in Northern Indiana. I am sorry to ruin your evening.

I am not excited about this at all, I just put the snow pants and snow boots away, this week.

Here is what I like to see at the end of March, this pic was taken yesterday afternoon:

This is a pic of my youngest Chloe, and my nephew Shad. Chloe and Shad have become best buds this spring. Now maybe Megan can tell me why Shad has boots on! I asked Shad why you have boots on he just said "YEP"!!

And I am afraid tomorrow this may be what it looks like here:

This pic is of my three girls, and I beleive it was taken in November when there should be snow, and we like it then, but not so much in March!!

So hopefully it won't snow, I have tulips coming up and my lilac bushes are budding out, I think I might cover them up tonight! We will see! Have a great Saturday!


Megan said...

ahh yes let me shed some light...I found one shoe but the other was MIA! so he since he couldn't wait we just put his boots on. He loves to wear them anyway.

later we found his other shoe clear out by the barn. I'm not sure how he managed that one!!

it's not going to snow, it's not going to snow, it's not going to snow. just keep repeating....

Megan said...

cute pics

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