Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Jama Lost her tooth and Chloe is sick

Hello again, it's been awhile but have been very busy. Plus I am now on Facebook, that is where I usually head first. It is great to catch up with old lost friends, and to chat with friends that I see now.

Anyways today has been another busy day! Work this morning, and then this afternoon Chloe told me her tummy hurt so I was holding her on the couch and well ......I will spare you the details, she has the flu. I think you can fill in the rest.

And then at supper Jama LOST HER FIRST TOOTH. Here is a pic of Jama getting it pulled.

And here is a final pic for you, Jama as happy as can be! She says " I can't believe I lost my tooth"! She was so brave just stood there while Bill pulled the tooth out.

And then at 6:45 Chloe told me she wanted to go to bed, say what! That never happens, I guess she really doesn't feel good. Cause she is asleep in her bed as I type this, hopefully she is feeling better tomorrow, and no one else gets the flu. Have a good evening!


Bovee Brigade said...

I wondered where you went. What's your facebook? Where you guys going on vacation or just relaxing at home?

Mom of three little Princesses said...

We are going on a cruise! We are so excited. We got a really good deal and couldn't pass it up. So we leave on March 6!!!

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