Saturday, December 20, 2008

CVS Trip and a BUSY day!!

Well today I did not have much planned, but when I got home from work that all changed. First things first though!! Well before work I made a trip to CVS to do my last transaction this week, and asked the lady what time they switch to next weeks sales she said 1:00. Perfect that is what time I get off, so after work, I headed straight there! I got alot of good stuff and I only spent $.02 yes that says TWO CENTS. Here is a pic!

I was so excited also walked away with almost $70.00 in Extra Care Bucks! If you wonder how I did it check out this for how to play The CVS Game! It is quite fun!

So then I get home and my wonderful husband and three kids, has cleaned the house and picked up ALL the toys! So I decided to wrap some presents! Still not done though. Then I decided to make Cinnamon Rolls, Bill wants to take them to our neighbors for Christmas, (Sorry megan and mom no you aren't getting any, you have to wait till Christmas at mom's). So I made a total of 8 pans of Cinnamon Rolls, my house smelled good! Then I made 2 pans of Rice Krispie treats for Church tomorrow, we are having a Birthday Party for Jesus tomorrow with all of he kids probably close to 80-90 kids, you think 2 pans are enough! Just joking, there are several others bringing some!

Then I decided to do some laundry, which I am still working on! Then I rearranged the furniture downstairs so that we can actually walk down there, it was a disaster. Then for some reason I cleaned some dressers, and Bill hooked my stero back up today, and he fixed my dryer. Anyways I really did straighten and clean the house up today, we redid the family room several weeks ago, and it is now FINISHED! It looks so much better now!! Well I still need to get some new curtains, the old ones do not match!

So now all I need to do is make some Christmas Cookies with the kids on Monday. And then I am done baking for the holidays! Have a wonderful weekend and stay warm it is going to be getting COLDDDDDDDDDDDDDD! Bundle up or maybe just stay inside by the fire!!!

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