Thursday, November 6, 2008

Kroger Trip Today Well Worth It Or Not??

Well today I went and did my grocery shopping, something I used to dread to do. Now I kind if enjoy it, not only am I getting food for my family I am saving lots of money, or maybe I should say LOTS & LOTS of money!

So you wonder how I did it well check out this blog to find out more, she can explain it better than me. On to my grocery shopping trip, Here is a pic: (Something that I never thought I would do is take a pic of my grocery shopping:)

I got all this for $19.xx Awesome deals, the purex soap I had a rain check from last week, each bottle cost me .50 each. And the blocks of cheese in the pics are not part of the Mega Event. I have to support my husbands cheese addicition:) Seriously he will eat half the block in one sitting, and if my Dad is here forget it all three of them would be gone in one sitting and now Chloe is always asking for cheese.
Here is list of what I got today:
2-lint rollers
2-scotch brite scrubbers
2-muffin mix
2-cookie mix
8-Hot cocoa mix
4-condensed milk
3-Stouffers Single serve (great for lunches at work)
2-Duncan Hines frosting
2-bic razor
2-toaster strudels
2-Packs of Dial
2-Betty Crocker Fruit snacks
2-Betty crocker potatoes

These were part of the Mega Event Buy 10 of them automaticaly get $5.00 off. I did 2 transactions.
Not part of the deal-
1-Cottonelle- .25 after coupon
4-purex soap- .50 each after coupons
2- Duncan hines cake mix- 1.00 each
3- Blocks of cheese which were 3/$5

So all that for $19.xx I thought that was AWESOME! Some week I would like to do my coupon shopping and then go to Wal-XXXX and buy the exact same thing and see how much I actually save, I think I would faint. I don't know if Wal-XXXX really saves us more! Like they say, anyways let me know what great deals you found this week! I would say this trip was WELL WORTH IT!!
Happy Shopping!


Sarah said...

Great job!!! Check your link to whatever site is explaining the deals, there wasn't anything there. I am assuming it's Megan's or Stretching a Buck?

I love seeing people's pictures like this!!!

Megan said...

Awesome!!!Love the Mega Event!!

Bill Sines said...

The Mega Event was incredibly sensational. The cheese is excellent.

Trace Engbrecht said...

Okay you have inspired me to get great deals. So I wanted to let you know about one at Meijer. If you like pop-tarts, which I know they are terrible for you, but I only buy the ones with 5 grams of fiber, anyway, they are on sale this week at Meijer for $1.34 and they have a coupon on them for $1 off so you pay $.34 for a box of 8! Pretty good huh!

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